About Pear Tree House



First, I would like to thank you for visiting our tree service site. My name is Antony and I am the operations manager and project coordinator. Pear Tree House is an award winning company that has been operating for more than 20 years now. The clean reputation that we have maintained over the years has helped us to grow and become the company that we are today.

The main pillar and foundation for our company is professionalism. We have put in place measures and plans that enables us to treat all our clients with diligence and professionalism. To do this, our team undergoes training from time to time that hone their skills and keep them abreast about the new tree service delivery techniques and ways of relating with clients.

The diverse service packages that we offer is another main attribute that give us an upper hand in the market. Every day, we scout the internet and talk to people to get a good understanding of the type of services that they would want us to provide. Though tedious, doing this has helped us to keep improving our services as well as the packages that we offer.

Finally, we charge fair prices for our services. That is not to mean that our services are substandard, no, it is only that we are more customer oriented than money oriented. Call us today for unsurpassed tree services that will not cost you a million dollars.



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