Tree Trimming and Pruning

Do you need someone to take care of your trees when going for a vacation? Are you looking for a reputable and legally accredited tree trimming company? Look no further. Pear Tree House is an accredited company that is well known for the quality tree trimming and pruning services that we offer. We have been in business for more than three decades now and we will work hard to ensure that we last for forever.


Here are some of the top corner pillars that our company is founded on.

  • Our team is trained well to make sure that we complete all services or projects on time
  • The training courses that we take are also geared to improving safety standards
  • Our wide array of packages are an ideal choice for all companies and clients that want to get quality service

One of the main attributes that give our tree trimming and pruning packages an upper hand in the market is that we are consistent. Unlike other companies that have not been in business for long and think that they compete with the big businesses like us, we have what it takes. More importantly, we have mastered the art of providing quality services to our customers consistently.

Trees need to be well taken care when pruning and trimming some of the branches. A minor mistake can compromise the appearance as well as the growth of the tree after a given period of time. We have also put in place measures of ensuring that the trees are cut or trimmed professionally.

Finally, our packages are quite affordable. This is the second factor that make us different from the rest of the companies. The first factor is our legal accreditation and high status in the market. Call us today for good quality tree trimming and pruning services.